53CapitalTrade Forex Online Scam Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

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Warning: This review was made before it was understood that 53 CapitalTrade Forex is indeed a scam. If you have lost money to 53 Capital Trade Forex online , make sure to report the scam immediately to your police and online as well. You can report a scam with our form or through the chatbot.

No matter how you choose to conduct your own online trading, you must be aware of the issues at hand and proceed with caution. Be aware of the risks. Don’t be intimidated. No one is trying to scam you. There are reputable firms. The only way to find out which is the reputable firm is to be selective and carefully examine their reputation and legitimacy. There is no such thing as a free lunch. The best option to uncover any problems with a company is to start asking questions and seek advice from people who know the area. Get a referral to an expert.

The information and content presented in this article was prepared and compiled in the hope that it will provide you with some sort of insight in order to make an educated choice.

Forex Broker Overview

The core principle of what constitutes a brokerage firm is easy to understand. Most brokers operate as “full service” brokers. In other words, you pay a flat fee to each broker for trading on the foreign exchange, options, forex, and CFD markets. Related: The Best Free Forex Broker Clients of brokers can choose between a number of different ways to open a portfolio, each with its own pros and cons. This is typically where you would open a trading account, set your exposure levels, and then trade for your own account, whatever level of risk you deem comfortable. Today, there are over 40 online broker platforms that claim to provide a high level of access to the forex and other foreign exchange markets. Obviously, not every broker or platform is the same.

Fees, Commissions, and Spreads

Commissions and fees are how brokers pay out interest to their clients, usually in the form of monthly or yearly payouts. This is how brokers make money, and since they’re essential to the success of a broker, you need to be aware of them. Investors should be wary of investment brokers that pay out high commissions or use small minimums, as these brokers are almost guaranteed to never let their clients earn substantial interest. Investors are going to get less interest, more expensive products, or both. It’s also important to check that commissions and fees paid to brokers are disclosed clearly and specifically, along with some of the key risks in buying a particular product and what the true costs are to acquire it.


Choosing a bitcoin trading broker can be hard, but it is important to remember that you are purchasing an asset that, if you buy at the right price, has high upside potential. A broker is going to have advantages, and if they are reputable they are going to be able to provide the kind of transparency you require when investing in bitcoin. If you buy bitcoin in a fiat-currency exchange, you can be guaranteed that you have the leverage and safety that comes from a legitimate Bitcoin Exchange. Want to learn more about how to spot a bad broker? Check out The Definitive Guide to Buying and Selling Bitcoins and Other Cryptocurrencies in Canada.

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